HJ3 is committed to realizing the potential of carbon fiber technology and utilizing it to provide modern infrastructure solutions for industrial, commercial, and consumer needs. Through its affiliation with the University of Arizona Research Labs, HJ3 has paved the way for the composites infrastructure market by completing commercial-specific testing that validates the technology. HJ3™ is the strongest and most versatile name in structural reinforcement. With over 20 years of research, development, and experience, HJ3™ Composite Technologies utilizes the breakthroughs in aerospace and material science to create cost-saving structural solutions.


HJ3 Advantages:

• Light weight
• No heavy equipment required
• Cost effective
• Quick installations
• Not affected by moisture, atmosphere, solvents & weak acids
• Withstands direct interaction w/concrete for long periods of time. 

HJ3 Applications:

• Increased load & repair capacities of concrete and steel columns
• Fracture & bend strength repair of concrete slabs
• Internal lining & external wrapping of pipe systems
• Strengthening of storage tanks
• Manhole linings
• Fracture & bend strengthing of concrete & steel beams
• Hurricane and earthquake proofing