Chance helical tieback anchors are used for earth retention applications. This system is used to stabilize temporary and permanent shoring. CHANCE helical tieback anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the wall face. Once the minimum depth is obtained, the capacity can be determined by reading the installing torque and correlating it with the holding capacity ratio. Capacities up to 200,000 pounds per anchor are obtainable with this system.

typical applications

  • Retaining Walls

  • Roadways

  • Building site-preparation

  • Dams

  • Bulkheads



  • Screws into place (not predrilled)

  • Bearing device, not friction dependent

  • Terminations for various thread bars

  • Pre-engineered system

  • Extendable with bolted joint connection

  • Easy to store & reuse

  • Cost effective method



  • Installs in any weather

  • No excavation or spoils to remove

  • Permanent or temporary

  • Immediate proof testing & Loading

  • Capacity proportional to installing torque

  • Installs in limited access areas