Concrete Leveling & Foundation Support Contractors

Walder Foundation Products is a proud partner of A B Chance. Their line of Helical Products allows our team to provide superior foundation repair, support, and additional services to the residents of Alexandria and surrounding areas. Learn what different projects our concrete leveling and foundation contractors take on throughout our service area.

New Foundation Support

If you need a quick solution for structural support, helical piles are the best option. The team at Walder Foundation Products in Alexandria is skilled with concrete leveling and foundation support using helical piers and can take on new foundations of any size.

Earth Retention

When you’re working with a basement, a below wall grade wall to support both the earth and your safety is necessary. Helical soil screw with shotcrete supplied by AB Chances, combined with conventional tieback anchors, provides a smooth and safe solution to soil retention.

Foundation Underpinning

Foundations, especially those using construction methods from yesteryear, can begin to sag and weaken. Underpinning provides a simple and effective solution. Our Alexandria concrete leveling and foundation contractors can provide additional support to foundations in need using underpinning brackets and helical piles. In some cases, this process can raise a foundation back to its original position and/or increase the maximum load capacity of a foundation.

Instant Foundations

When you need to save time and money, consider instant foundations. Site lighting foundations don’t always have to be poured with anchor bolts and concrete. Instant Foundations by Chase are hydraulically installed and equipped with anchor bolts, shortening the process and effort without compromising strength and durability. Contact our foundation support contractors in Alexandria to learn more about our services.