Deep Foundation Construction in Alexandria

Walder Foundation Products can help you determine the best foundation products for your construction projects. As foundations are central to the long-term stability of any building, you will want to ensure you’re using the best products in the industry. In Alexandria, deep foundation construction refers to any foundation that is more deep than it is wide. They are necessary when the soil quality or the incredible weight of a structure makes a shallow foundation impractical. Our highly experienced, Alexandria based deep foundation construction experts combine their engineering knowledge with our excellent products to ensure your foundation will be stable and secure for decades to come. To save yourself time and money, we recommend you reach out to our team during the planning stages of your project to ensure you’re using the right products for the job, in the right way.

Helical Piles & Piers for Deep Foundations

You will be hard pressed to find a project that wouldn’t benefit from CHANCE® helical piles and piers! There’s a reason they are the industry standard regardless of whether the project is commercial, industrial, municipal, or residential. Their time-tested, high-quality manufacturing has made them the reliable choice for stabilizing deep foundation construction in Alexandria and the surrounding area. CHANCE helical piles and piers have been used in everything from high-rises and new homes to communication towers and bridges. 

There are two main types of helical piles and piers our Alexandria professionals use. They feature either a solid square steel shaft or a round shaft. If there is a need for more than one helical plate welded to it, there may be a combination of both round and square shafts. Bolted couplings fortify the helical piles and piers as they are joined together. Helical piles and piers are installed by using equipment to rotate them into the ground, causing the shaft to be pulled downward. The installation depth is decided before installation begins, and is determined by several factors including soil density and existing ground strength. Helical plates operate independently of each other, and this is one reason they can provide stability to deep foundation constructions for Alexandria structures of all sizes and weights. 

If you have questions about the products we distribute in and around Alexandria for deep foundation construction, please get in touch with Walder Foundation Products!

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