Instant Foundations

Uses for Instant Foundations 

Construction professionals and engineers across Alexandria have utilized the instant foundations distributed by Walder Foundation Products in a myriad of ways. Instant foundations are incredibly useful in a variety of applications, and one of their most helpful qualities is their ability to be installed in almost any weather condition, even severe weather. They are also easily installed in areas that are constricted or difficult to reach. This pliant foundation product allows for maximum flexibility, which makes it one of the most practical products used across our state. 

Instant Foundations from Walder

Walder Foundation Products distributes the most trusted brand in instant foundations in the Alexandria area. CHANCE® lighting foundations are the eminent leader in instant solutions for no-concrete foundations. Our instant foundation products are the ideal solution for traffic signals, light fixtures, highway signs, cell towers, and a variety of other applications. Installation is quick and efficient—even in as little as 10 minutes! Additionally, there is no downtime while waiting for concrete to cure. This will save you time and labor on each and every project! 

The benefits of CHANCE lighting foundations do not end there. These instant foundations also: 

  • Improve productivity rates for crews as they can be immediately filled with lighting fixtures or signs, whatever your project requires. 
  • Save money on shipping costs due to their lightweight nature. 
  • Do not require any extensive excavation, drilling, or cleanup as they are soil displacement systems. 

With instant foundations, your project is complete in two simple steps—installation of the foundation and attachment of the fixture. Then you’re on to the next job! If you’ve been looking for an effective concrete-free foundation that will save you time and money, reach out to our Walder Foundation Products experts today and we will be happy to help you! 

Work With Walder

When you want effective and efficient concrete-free foundation solutions for your Alexandria project, Walder Foundation Products can help! Speak with our team today about partnering with us and becoming a certified installer of CHANCE lighting foundations.

Instant foundations distributed by Walder Foundation Products have a wide range of uses for construction professionals and engineers in Virginia. Versatile in their application for a variety of site conditions, the design of these instant foundations makes it possible to install them even in inclement weather conditions or areas with poor access and tight spaces using construction equipment your team likely already has on hand. Instant foundations feature a higher allowable bending movement combined with high axial tension and compression capacity which makes them a useful product for installation teams across the state. For instant foundation products in the Alexandria area, reach out to Walder Foundation Products!

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