Alexandria AB Chance Helical Piles Walkway & Dock Construction

Protect your home or property in Alexandria with A.B. Chance helical piles for walkways and dock construction. These helical piles used for walkways will help to minimize construction in sensitive areas around your property, keeping them safe. Areas such as beach fronts, wetlands, marshes, and lakes are fragile. Preserve the ability to enjoy these natural sites by easily upgrading them. Reduce the chance of damage and provide an environmentally sound solution for your walkway and dock construction in Alexandria using ABChance helical piles. Our walkways are also fit for season changes and do not require any soil excavation, which can be a large hazard for construction. Don’t let conventional construction devastate the nature around your home or property, contact Walder Foundation Products today.

  • Features
  • Ability to be installed in areas with limited access
  • Structural integrity that is fit for seasonal changes
  • impact on vegetation in the area
  • No soil excavation - less hazard
  • Minimum soil disturbance while achieving maximum compression capacity

Walkway Stabilization

Walkway stabilization projects require the utmost care because they can cause irreparable damage to beautiful natural areas. Wetlands, marshes, beach fronts, lakes, and historical sites are oftentimes the areas in greatest need of walkway stabilization projects, and they are the most fragile. When your walkway stabilization project is for a walkway, boardwalk, or dock construction, Walder Foundation Products can help you minimize the construction in the sensitive areas by using CHANCE® helical piles. It is easy to upgrade these areas while utilizing environmentally sound solutions to allow visitors to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Our products and applications will allow you to work in these fragile areas with minimal construction, allowing sensitivity to the wildlife and surrounding area and preserving its ecological integrity. 

Sturdy Walkways with Walder Products

Walder Foundation Products distributes AB CHANCE helical piles and piers for walkway & dock construction projects because they effectively stabilize walkways in disrepair with minimal damage to the surrounding area. They are also the trusted product because they are long-lasting, thus minimizing the chance of future damage. CHANCE helical piles and piers are ideal for boardwalks, walkways, and even dock construction. No excavation is needed, and installation is a breeze. To install, the team will drive a shaft into the ground. As it rotates, the bearing plates take on the heavy load of the walkway, getting further into the soil until the desired depth is reached. You can add additional segments until the walkway is secure. Our proven methods will ensure there is minimal soil disturbance with high compression capacity, and each structure will retain its integrity through seasonal changes. Best of all, CHANCE helical piles and piers are backed by a 30-year warranty. 

Become a Partner

Walder Foundation Products is proud to offer your team in Alexandria, AB CHANCE helical piles and piers for all of your walkway stabilization projects. Since 1992, they have been the product of choice for our team of installers. Along with our products, we can offer you an array of training and support when you become one of our certified installers. Get in touch with our team now to learn more!