Supplier of the YCS System: Your Crawlspace Encapsulation System

At Walder Foundation Products, we are passionate about finding the best solutions for all of your foundation and crawlspace repair needs in Alexandria—including crawlspace encapsulation. When encapsulating crawlspaces, many variables need to be considered, and if even one detail is overlooked, it can cause a serious problem.

When done improperly, moisture can get into the residence or commercial building and lead to mold and mildew growth. Our team uses the Your Crawlspace System (YCS) because it provides a vapor barrier system designed to keep moisture out of your crawlspace.

Our experience has shown the effectiveness of the YCS system, and we recommend it to all of Alexandria’s crawlspace encapsulation installers.

The YCS system is the industry standard because of its superior vapor barrier liner. Unlike other systems, it’s not nailed or drilled into the foundation. Instead, it’s installed using a patented, proprietary technology to permanently seal crawlspaces using a damage-free system. This prevents moisture from creeping in through minuscule holes and spaces. The YCS system is the only system that doesn’t use mechanical features, thus being able to effectively seal off crawlspaces to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels year-round, saving as much as 15% on energy bills every year! 

Other benefits of the YCS system include quick and easy installation in Alexandria homes and long-lasting durability. Every YCS system comes backed with a 25-year guarantee against flaws, odors, tears, holes, and manufacturing defects of the vapor barrier. For complete details, see the warranty information below.*

Vapor Barrier

Benefits & Features for Installers

If you are a crawlspace encapsulation professional in Alexandria and the surrounding area, you are likely familiar with the need for quality vapor barriers for crawlspaces, especially with the number of vented, dirt crawlspaces in this area. Unfortunately, many builders are still using low-quality materials, which cause deterioration and failure in a short time. The YCS system is made from only the highest quality materials, ensuring the vapor barriers your company installs will be durable and long-lasting. Other benefits include:

  • A 25-Year Your Crawlspace guarantee* ensures against tears, flaws, odors, and manufacturing defects. 
  • The patented YCS Crawl Curtain and YCS Wall Attachment Tape are specifically designed to adapt to any crawlspace wall, guaranteeing a permanent seal.
  • The proprietary YCS Magic Sealant/Adhesive will adhere to stone, metal, brick, and block foundation walls without the need for solvent-based adhesives, mechanical fasteners, or the need to drill holes into the foundation.
  • Simple and efficient installation, with a 50% reduction in total installation time.
  • Low-VOC materials with no toxic or harmful chemicals make this system safer for homeowners, installers, and the environment.

*Warranty is for closed, conditioned crawlspace installations. Does not include damage from abuse, moisture from condensation, flooding, sudden water intrusion from a broken pipe or pest damage, or animals chewing through the liner.

YCS Vapor Barrier Types

  • 8mil vapor barrier
  • 14mil vapor barrier
  • 16 mil vapor barrier
  • 20mil vapor barrier
  • 36mil vapor barrier
  • 44mil vapor barrier

Walder Foundation Products carries industry-leading vapor barrier products. YCS woven vapor barriers are backed by a 25-year warranty and a no-smell guarantee. You want to offer your customers durable, high-quality products for the lowest price. Reach out to Walder Foundation Products to learn more about the YCS system—a vapor barrier brand you’ll stick with.

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As a contractor or installer, you rely on high-quality products to ensure your customers are satisfied and your business will continue to grow. Walder Foundation Products wants to be your partner in success, that’s why we offer access to the leading products on the market and comprehensive support. Contact our team today to learn more about partnering with us!