What are CHANCE Helical Anchors?

CHANCE Helical Anchors have been manufactured since the 60s, and these days, they’re used in a variety of civil construction applications due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. By hydraulically screwing bearing plates down into loose or expansive surface soils to a more stable soil depth below, CHANCE helical anchors quickly and effectively halt the movement of a structure’s foundation.

CHANCE Helical Anchors extend bearing plates through soft, loose, or expansive surface soils into stable strata with minimal disturbance. Results are predictably safe and stable, cost-effective, and have the ability to be installed quickly to shorten the overall time it takes to complete each project. Because there’s no need to wait for concrete to cure or excavate large areas, helical anchors by CHANCE are a great solution for residential and commercial contractors, engineers, and foundation repair experts in Virginia.

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Benefits & Features for Installers

Throughout their decades of manufacturing, CHANCE products have become a go-to for repair specialists in Virginia. Helical anchors are a great solution for lots of applications, like anti-buoyancy, communication tower foundations, guy anchoring, pipeline foundations, swimming pool foundations, and residential and commercial foundations. Benefits and features of the system that installers find most important include:

  • Fast installation time
  • No additional concrete needed
  • High load capacity
  • Can be proof-tested and loaded immediately
  • No excavation necessary
  • Lower labor & product costs
  • Engineer-tested system

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