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Walder Foundation Products is the #1 choice for foundation repair and helical pile products in the Richmond area. We offer project design assistance and professional installation training for all of our CHANCE® helical products. Our territory represents 6 million people in 92 counties and is serviced by our 13 certified installation teams. We offer products that resolve problems for stressed foundations, new construction applications, tie backs, and waterproofing. Instant foundation systems are also available for some applications. Since 1992 our certified foundation repair installers have performed more than 7,000 residential and commercial projects. 

WFP welcomes the opportunity to educate and inform homeowners and contractors who seek products for soil retention, foundation repair, foundation stabilization, and reinforcements for any type of commercial or residential foundation. We believe our helical pile products and installation services are the best solution for your Richmond foundation repair needs.

Richmond Foundation Repairs

Walder Leadership

Jack A. Walder, Jr., President of Walder Foundation Products

Mr. Walder founded Walder Foundation Products in 1992. He is also president of J.A. Walder Inc., the parent company of WFP which was founded by Jack A. Walder, Sr. in 1957. Mr. Walder has been president of J.A. Walder since his father retired in 1987. He is also president of Stable Foundation Products, the Richmond area dealer and installer for CHANCE® helical pile products, which was also founded in 1992.

Matthew (Matt) Walder, Vice President of Business Operations

Matt has been involved in the family business for nearly his entire life. Working with Stable Foundations and Walder Foundation Products, he oversees the sales management, inventory control, and project estimates as well as training and assistance with CHANCE helical pier and StrongHold™ product installation.

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