Contractor Trash Bags in Richmond

Every experienced construction professional understands how big of a difference a great-quality waste bag makes compared to standard lawn bags for on-site clean-up. Plastic sheeting is also an essential necessity that contractors can’t skimp on if they want to protect their supplies from the elements. Walder Foundation Products in Richmond carries contractor trash bags and sheeting designed specifically for the extreme durability that construction projects require.

Steelcoat Contractor Bags & Plastic Sheeting

Steelcoat uses environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging processes, ensuring that you can reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible when using products that usually aren’t very eco-friendly. Every product is made with high-strength 3-ply construction to maximize their flexibility and overall performance. For the convenience of our contractor network in Richmond, our Steelcoat trash bags and plastic sheeting are available in a variety of sizes, and they all have:

  • Slip-N-Grip technology
  • Eco-friendly polyethylene design
  • Guaranteed quality and durability

High-Strength Slip-N-Grip Technology

The custom-engineered plastics from Steelcoat use Slip-N-Grip technology to improve the strength and flexibility of their products in comparison to standard plastic. The advanced -layer formula consists of a high-strength outer-ply virgin plastic, an inner core made with up to 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, and another virgin plastic inside ply. The innovative Slip-N-Grip technology uses the highest amount of post-consumer resin than any other contractor plastic on the market.

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If your company is looking for the highest-quality plastic sheeting and contractor trash bags in Richmond that’s available for your customers, reach out to us to learn more. A team member from Walder Foundation Products will answer your questions and give you more information on our training process and our products. We supply contractors with the best supplies and education possible to help you build a reputation that customers trust and rely on.

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