Dimple Drain Mats for Richmond Contractors

Dimple drain mats are flexible sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with raised dimples. They create a gap between the basement wall and the surrounding soil. Drain boards from our Richmond company are similar to dimple drain mats, but are often thicker and more rigid.

How They Work

  • Drainage: The dimples or channels on mats and boards form an air gap, allowing water to flow freely down the wall. This relieves hydrostatic pressure (water pressure building up against the foundation).
  • Redirection: The water collected by the mat or board is directed toward a drainage system, typically a perimeter drain (like a French drain) at the base of the foundation. This drain then safely carries the water away from the house.
  • Protection: The mat or board acts as a protective layer for the basement waterproofing membrane (if installed), preventing damage from backfill and reducing the risk of leaks.

Dimple Drain Mats

In Richmond, our dimple drain mat products, like high-density dimple drain, offer strength and superior water channeling for versatile applications in and around Richmond basement projects. This mat seamlessly complements spray-on waterproofing for damp proofing membranes, providing an added layer of protection.

Dimple Drain Boards

For maximum efficiency in Richmond dimple drain board installations, consider the Hydraway 2000. This innovative flat strip solution outperforms traditional drainage, making it suitable for basements, crawl spaces, French drains, and even sports fields. Its geo-composite design facilitates rapid water removal, eliminates the need for gravel, and ensures dependable, long-term performance.

Walder Products for Basement Drainage

When using Hydraway rolls for Richmond basement waterproofing, incorporate the Hydra-Panel for optimal results. The Hydra-Panel forms a protective barrier that prevents clogging during concrete pours, safeguarding your new Richmond basement drainage system projects.

At Walder Foundation Products, we understand the importance of reliable basement drainage systems in Richmond. Our focus on quality dimple drain mats and boards for Richmond foundation repair and waterproofing contractors ensures you can work with the finest tools available to address moisture challenges and safeguard the foundation investments of your clients. Reach out to Walder Foundation Products today to learn more, or shop our online store now for drainage and dimple board products.