Applications for Walder Products

When residential, commercial, municipal, or industry-specific structures start to lose stability, it’s important to tackle the problem at the root. Stabilizing a failing foundation is something our engineering and contracting partners have to do on a regular basis, and there are plenty of products available to use for those purposes. Our goal, however, is to provide the very best products available to our partners, so they can rest assured that every job they complete is done to the highest standards possible. When you have great outcomes, you build your reputation as a trusted provider, and choosing Walder as your local Richmond foundation repair product distributor can help you do just that.

When we say we have the products you need no matter what job you have, we are serious. You will find Walder provides the highest quality products you need for any of these challenges:

  • Slope Stabilization: Our comprehensive knowledge of the Virginia landscape means we will know exactly what you need to effectively stabilize a slope.
  • Underpinning: There are many reasons you might need to fortify a foundation through underpinning, from natural phenomena such as earthquakes and floods to structures requiring additional foundation stabilization. 
  • New Construction Foundations: A solid foundation is the most important part of every new building. We can help you determine if your project requires additional soil stabilization, no matter the type of terrain.
  • Deep Foundations: Building projects of immense size and weight require foundation support from a deeper level. Our products can ensure you get the deep foundation support you need.
  • Instant Foundations: If you are looking for a concrete-free system appropriate for utilities, area lighting, traffic signals, and cell towers, instant foundations might be the application you need. Installation is a snap and not even severe weather will cause delays.
  • Permanent or Temporary Shoring: Shoring provides the support a building or structure needs to hold it in place while repairs or modifications are done. This can be a permanent or temporary solution.
  • Walkways: An environmentally friendly solution, our walkway stabilization products minimize the construction impact in sensitive natural areas to prevent the disturbance of marshes, lakes, and beach areas, while providing a safe area for visitors to enjoy them.
  • Crawl Space or Basement Waterproofing: We have the leading technology to effectively waterproof your residential or commercial basements and crawl spaces. With proper installation, our Hydraway products have a 100% success rate.

Our wealth of experience means that in addition to the finest products available for these applications, you will have our expertise to provide insight into your projects. Our experts have rigorously tested our products, and we are confident we have what you need to ensure the best solution to your shoring, walkway, waterproofing, and foundation problems.


Why Choose Walder?

Walder Foundation Products has been Virginia’s most trusted distributor of foundation repair products since 1992. Throughout our years, we’ve added new partners, trained new installers, and continued to amass the most comprehensive list of high-quality foundation repair products available in our area. When you become part of the Walder family, you’re privy to all the tools, installation training, and technology our Richmond team has access to, including rental kits and all other equipment necessary for proper installation. By choosing Walder, you’re choosing to join Virginia’s most competent team of distribution specialists to help you aid your customers with their repairs.

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