Our Foundation Repair Products

As one of the trusted foundation repair partners for Richmond contractors and engineers, Walder Foundation Products has built our solid reputation on quality products and precise systems. We have tested each of our products and methods thoroughly to ensure they meet our demanding standards. Over the course of our 30 years in the foundation repair industry, we have found CHANCE® to be our products of choice. Not only are they the oldest and largest manufacturer of helical piers and anchors in the country, but they are industry leaders because of their reliability and excellence. As a longstanding partner of AB CHANCE, we are able to leverage our relationship for your benefit. Through Walder Foundation Products, you have access to their high-quality products and their applications. Regardless of your project, we are sure we have the products and solutions you need. 

In addition to having the premier foundation repair products available on the Richmond market, we also provide our contract and engineer partners with complete support. We believe it is vital to properly understand the product and application in order to ensure you and your team will be successful. Our team understands what you need because we have been in your role before, which is the reason we have structured our program to meet your needs. 

Chance® Soil Screw

Like traditional helical tieback anchors, our Chance® Soil Screws provide the same stability at shallower depths. These cost-effective screws are specially pre-engineered for high-load capacity and fast installation.

Chance® Helical Piles & Piers in Richmond

A great alternative to deep foundation construction, Chance® Helical Piles and Piers can be used for compression and tension applications. Their quick installation causes minimal disturbance and has lower labor costs than typical stabilization methods.

Chance® Helical Anchors in Richmond

Helical Anchors are a dependable foundation repair product used for generations. They quickly halt the movement of a structure’s foundation by hydraulically screwing bearing plates into a stable soil depth.

Chance® Lighting Foundations

For commercial fixtures like luminaries, cell towers, and highway signage, our Chance® Lighting Foundations are designed to comply with AASHTO standard specifications and cost less than concrete methods. They install quickly and stand up to extreme weather symptoms like frost heave.

Chance® Helical Tieback Anchors

Most used for quick construction of permanent and temporary walls, Chance® Helical Tieback Anchors install easily using a hydraulically powered torque motor and are removable and reusable. This efficient design has a high load capacity and allows for immediate pull testing after installation, eliminating issues down the line.

Chance® Helical Pull Down & Micro Piles

With a faster installation using smaller equipment than traditional helical pull-down micropile systems, the Chance® Helical Pull Down & Micro Piles provide a combination of bearing and friction for the best of both worlds. They are backed with a 30-year warranty and have a high resistance to buckling in weak soils.

Become a Certified Installer

We are proud to be one of the most trusted partners of contractors and engineers in Richmond. If you would like to learn more about how to become a certified contractor or engineer partner, please contact us today!