Reasons for Underpinning Services

If your team has been tasked with strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure, underpinning is a common and effective way to achieve that goal. Underpinning may be required for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Earthquakes, floods, or other natural occurrences have caused the current foundation to shift or settle dramatically
  • It’s economically savvy to repair the current foundation rather than replace it
  • Loss of support from soils below and around the foundation 
  • New structures being built in the surrounding area necessitates the excavation of soil that’s supporting an existing foundation
  • The addition of another story necessitates a higher load capacity than the current foundation has
  • The original foundation has lost strength or stability
  • The purpose of the building has changed (e.g., a single family home that is now a small office building)

Underpinning Using Walder Products

For our partners that need long-lasting foundation repair products for their next underpinning project in Richmond, we distribute the CHANCE® Helical Pile Foundation System. Their product offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to competing systems and is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience. Installers use equipment to screw the helical pile downward into more stable strata. Once the torque applied indicates that the necessary load capacity has been achieved, adjustable brackets are attached to the base of the failing foundation walls, connecting the piles to the foundation. By transferring some of the weight of the structure onto the piles to relieve the overworked foundation, the foundation walls and floors are saved from further settlement. 

Unlike other more expensive and time-consuming methods which require excavation that disturbs surrounding pathways, plants, and other landscaping, our underpinning specialists in Richmond use the CHANCE helical pile foundation system which is installed quickly and with minimal disturbance. Plus, only contractors we certify can use this system in our area. 

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