Why Contractors Partner with Walder

Walder Foundation Products is proud to represent some of the top-rated home repair products on the market. We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, and your customers are putting an immense amount of trust in you to use the best products on the market for their repairs. This is why we represent only the leading products on the market that are known for their excellence and reliability. We take the guesswork out of deciding which brands to trust. We have tested and used the products we represent, our partner contractors have tested and used the products we represent, and we know they deliver results every time. Additionally, our software solutions will perform the exacting calculations on sight soil parameters for accurate foundation pier selection and placement. 

We have inventory readily available to help you with all your foundation, earth retention, waterproofing, and encapsulation needs. What good is it to know you want to use the leading products on the market if there is a long waitlist or a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to get them? At Walder Foundation Products, we have an extensive local inventory to meet the ongoing needs of your foundation, crawlspace, and basement repair projects. When you work with our team, you’ll benefit from our access to the highest quality foundation repair and encapsulation products on the market. 

The benefits of working with Walder Foundation Products don’t stop there. We also offer our partner contractors a wide range of exceptional support services. We train every partner on the tools and products we have available. Combined with our knowledge of foundation repair with a comprehensive understanding of the soil conditions, you’ll be fully prepared for the repair job ahead. Our experienced concrete leveling and foundation support contractors in Richmond can also assist with the design and implementation of helical products on any projects throughout the state.


Helical piles are a fast economical, engineered solution that provides support for structures on your projects. When it comes to foundation support and concrete leveling in Richmond, our contractors at Walder Foundation Products’ know everything there is to know about the industry and can help your project succeed.


If your earth retention project has a basement or is below grade, we can help design a below wall grade wall to support the adjacent earth and allow you to work safely to install the structure at sub-grade. Our partners use CHANCE® helical soil screw with shotcrete as well as conventional tieback anchors utilized with pile & lagging or sheet piling.


If your project is dealing with a settled foundation, our concrete leveling and foundation support contractors in Richmond can install underpinning brackets utilizing helical piles to provide support and in some cases raise the settled foundation back to its original position.


Site lighting foundations do not have to be poured foundations requiring anchor bolts, concrete, & soil removal. CHANCE Instant Foundations are engineered hydraulically installed foundations that already have the anchor bolts in them, and their quick installation saves time and money.

Work With Walder

At Walder Foundation Products, we value our partnership with you! Our commitment to your success begins with our high-quality products and continues with our comprehensive support services. If you’re a contractor or construction professional, gain access to the best products and training through a partnership with Walder Foundation Products! We hope you will explore our website for more information on our products and applications. If you would like more information or want to sign up to be a certified installer, contact our team today!