Foundation Crack Repair & Strengthening in Richmond

Are horizontal fractures becoming visible in your concrete block foundation walls due to imbalanced soil pressure or moisture issues? Such displacement can lead to horizontal fissures, appearing either midway or toward the wall's apex. The Walder Foundation Products Carbon Guard 6" kit is engineered to provide the unparalleled strength required for any structural reinforcement or fissure remediation endeavor.

The wall-reinforcement systems from Walder Foundation Products rank as the premier solutions for rectifying cracked, bulging, and displaced walls. Hailed for their strength and resilience in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, our Carbon Guard support straps ensure superior effectiveness and efficiency in concrete foundation crack repair and strengthening for your Richmond property—offering significant benefits for your clientele and growth opportunities for your contracting business.

Unmatched Durability

Walder Foundation Products is distinguished as the sole carbon fiber kit option in Richmond and across the area that uses industrial-grade epoxies used in the construction of bridges, parking structures, and skyscrapers:

  • Exceeds the strength of steel by 10-fold
  • Surpasses all competing products by 5-fold in durability and resilience

Carbon Strap Supports from Walder Foundation Products

The Carbon Guard support straps from Walder Foundation Products epitomize an elite wall-stabilization technology for foundation crack repair and strengthening for your Richmond property.  This technology definitively addresses issues of cracking and warping walls—eliminating the need for conspicuous hardware such as nuts, bolts, and beams.

Advantages of the System

Flexible application across both residential and commercial projects.

  • Unrivaled industrial potency—10 times more robust than steel.
  • Ultra-slim design—Becomes virtually undetectable once applied and painted over.
  • Installation simplicity—No specialized tools necessary.
  • Comprehensive effectiveness—Suitable for use on a variety of porous materials including cement block, poured concrete, and brick.

Operating Principle

The carbon straps from Walder Foundation Products are made from numerous slender carbon filaments aligned parallel and are meticulously interwoven into a fabric. Once affixed to a concrete surface, they are saturated with an epoxy bonding agent that fuses the carbon fibers together, integrating the strap seamlessly with the wall. The carbon fiber kit exhibits exceptional resistance to stretching and does not expand in the heat—achieving a tenacity that surpasses an equivalent thickness of steel by a factor of ten. Once affixed to the damaged areas, the Carbon Guard straps prevent any further movement of the cracks, walls, and slabs, ensuring renewed stability and functionality of the concrete.

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