Permanent & Temporary Shoring

When a building is in danger of collapsing during construction or repairs, it becomes necessary to utilize shoring. It requires the use of lateral supports to relieve the stress of the building or bulging wall while it is repaired or reinforced. Lateral supports quickly and efficiently provide the stabilization needed for large structures, retaining walls, and more. The larger the building or structure, the more rigorous the shoring system will be required. One of the common techniques of shoring is using soil nails. This method is particularly effective in stabilizing existing soil slopes. Soil nail walls are used by our Alexandria installation crews for both temporary and permanent shoring to increase soil retention capacities. They are a cost-effective method and generally less obtrusive than some other shoring methods. 

While shoring can be temporary or permanent, our Alexandria based foundation technicians know it is an important component of civil construction. If you need to use shoring at your construction or foundation job, you will need to have the highest quality shoring products from a team of professionals who understand the intricacies of shoring projects. There are a wide variety of shoring types, and each one requires specialty techniques. The Walder Foundation Products team is ready to help you with your shoring needs! 

Shoring with Walder Products

For over one hundred years, CHANCE® has been the trusted source and leader in reinforcing products. Their legacy of excellence is one of the reasons Walder Foundation Products implicitly trusts them and has distributed their products for nearly three decades. We are proud to give construction professionals and engineers the benefits from these high-quality products and the extensive support from the Walder Foundation Products team. You will have the training and tools you need to install the CHANCE products efficiently and effectively. Our team in Alexandria has utilized a variety of permanent and temporary shoring techniques all across the state of Virginia, and we understand what you will need to get the job done.

Slope Stabilization