Hydraway Waterproofing System

The one environmental factor that leads to the most damage for home and commercial building owners is water. Water damage to walls, floors, and internal structures can lead to a whole host of secondary issues, so contractors and construction professionals in Virginia need quality products to waterproof the homes and businesses of their customers. Walder is our area's distributor for Hydraway waterproofing products because we're confident that they provide the best protection to structures with moisture problems.

The Hydraway System is used for crawl space & basement waterproofing in Richmond to protect your home and foundation from water damage. Once a trench is dug around the perimeter of the foundation, Hydraway is installed, and then the excavated soil is backfilled. Once the Hydraway System drains water from your basement or crawlspace, the water needs somewhere to go. Once installed, the Hydraway is connected to a sump pit that is situated within the soil. Inside the sump pit contains your sump pump that pushes the water up and out of your basement through the discharge hose.

Easier Installation than Perforated Pipe Systems

We highly prefer the Hydraway System for its easy installation. With Hydraway, there's no need to waste time digging more than you have to, and it doesn't require gravel. This superior geotextile-wrapped system has the industry's leading warranty, won't clog up over time, and is three times faster than a perforated pipe.

Installation begins by excavating the perimeter of a block wall basement or crawl space. From there, weep holes are drilled in the wall below the floor's surface, allowing an escape route for trapped water built up due to hydrostatic pressure. Once the Hydraway product has been installed in the trench, it is covered with new concrete for a seamless finish.

Benefits & Features for Installers

Hydraway prevents water intrusion into basements and crawl spaces, protects landscaping and retaining walls from erosion, and provides effective driveway drainage. The Hydraway system has a zero-failure rate when properly installed, so the need for future basement drainage repair is dramatically reduced—and as a Walder partner, we're able to ensure your team is properly trained for a perfect installation every time. By presenting this basement and crawl space waterproofing solution to Richmond homeowners and other potential buyers, you're effectively contributing to your reputation as a reliable residential contractor. Other benefits include:

  • Available in customizable lengths, making it easy to scale for any size project
  • Capacity to handle 70% more water than competing waterproofing systems
  • Installation requires minimal disturbance to the foundation
  • Polypropylene filtration makes for a non-clogging system
  • Track record of successful applications for residential, commercial, and industrial projects
  • Zero coil memory means corrugated pipe won't curl or recoil
  • Strength-rated to withstand being driven over by a truck

Work With Walder

For access to the latest drainage technology and the training to install it accurately, trust Walder Foundation Products. Contact us to talk with a representative about building a partnership with Virginia's most reliable distributor.