Proven Waterproofing Systems in Richmond

We could debate physics all day, but no one would deny that water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, and is the biggest culprit for damage done to residential and commercial buildings, particularly when talking about foundations and crawl spaces. Once water seeps through cracks in the foundation or the basement walls, other issues like mold and fungal growth will occur. When that water becomes affected by the freeze-thaw cycle, the damage can become even worse and even more costly to correct.

Walder Foundation Products has been the premier solution for quality waterproofing systems for water damage protection in Richmond since 1992. We’re your local distributor for Hydraway waterproofing systems, a brand we stand by and local contractors rely upon when it comes to their waterproofing projects. Hydraway products are a top choice for foundation professionals because of their proven effectiveness and lasting durability.

The installation of these proven waterproofing systems in Richmond homes begins by excavating around the block wall of a basement or crawl space. Holes are drilled deep into the concrete below floor level to provide a drainage route for any water that may have built up from hydrostatic pressure. After the system is installed into the trench, it is sealed with fresh concrete to give a flawless finish.

Benefits for Installers

In Richmond properties, Hydraway waterproofing systems mitigate the intrusion of water into crawl spaces and basements and protect retaining walls from conditions that can bring them down. When properly installed, these systems demonstrate a zero-failure rate, which reduces the possible need for basement drainage repair in the future. When you partner with Walder Foundation Products, we provide thorough training to ensure you install these systems perfectly every time. You will substantiate your authority as a knowledgeable waterproofing company in Richmond for water damage protection when you use Hydraway waterproofing systems for your projects.

Other benefits of Hydraway waterproofing systems include:

  • Provide effective drainage for driveways and landscaping
  • Come in customizable lengths for easy scaling with any size project
  • Manage 70% more water than other waterproofing systems
  • Installation involves nominal foundation disturbance
  • The polypropylene filtration creates a clog-free system
  • Have a proven success rate for commercial, industrial, and residential projects
  • Corrugated pipe won’t recoil or curl because of zero coil memory

Partner With Walder

When you become a certified installer with Walder Foundation Products, you will have full access to our cutting-edge drainage technology for your foundation and basement waterproofing projects. We’ll provide all the training you need to understand all Hydraway products and the techniques needed to install them with ease. Contact our team to discuss the advantages of partnering with Walder Foundation Products, the most reliable distributor of foundation products and waterproofing systems throughout Richmond. We’re the waterproofing and foundation products distributor contractors have trusted for the past 30 years.