Why Engineers Partner with Walder

Walder Foundation Products has been the trusted leader for foundation repair and helical products for three decades. Over the years, our Alexandria helical anchor and pier experts have learned the value of partnerships. This is one reason we value our longstanding partnership with CHANCE® products. CHANCE products are sought the world over as one of the largest helical piers and anchors manufacturers in the United States, and we leverage our relationship with them to your benefit. As CHANCE distributes their products only through their distributors, when you partner with Walder Foundation Products in Alexandria, you will have access to their industry-leading products.

One of the reasons AB CHANCE relies on trusted partners to distribute their products is to ensure quality installations. Walder Foundation Products has had such a long and valued partnership with CHANCE products because of the comprehensive support we provide our network of installers. We consistently go above and beyond to ensure each certified installer is trained for proper use and installation. Our helical anchor and pier experts in Alexandria will provide you the support you need for all of the products you use, including helical piers and anchors.

Alexandria’s Trusted Distributor

As the leading foundation products company in Alexandria, our foundation engineering company specializes in helical anchor and pier installation. We offer our partners effective foundation repair, construction, and waterproofing solutions. Our team of experts will provide you with:

  • Dependable Results 
  • Marketing Materials at No Cost to You 
  • Engineer-Backed and Tested Solutions
  • Design Services 
  • Free HeliCAP™ Engineering Software for Design and Maintaining Optimal Projects 
  • Comprehensive Training and Support 
  • Access to a Wide Array of Rental Equipment

When you choose to work with Walder Foundation Products, you will have a trusted industry leader in Alexandria providing helical piers and anchors you can rely on. Our quality products and vast experience will make a difference for you and your foundation repair projects. Contact our helical anchor and pier experts in Alexandria today for more information or to get started on becoming a certified installer!