Our Foundation Repair Products

Since 1992, we have earned the trust and confidence of engineers and foundation repair contractors in Virginia Beach. We have a concrete reputation as the premier provider of the finest quality products and precision systems for foundation, basement, and crawl space repair. All of our products are tested to ensure each one meets our meticulous quality standards and complies with industry codes.

With more than 30 years in the foundation repair industry in Virginia Beach, we’ve staked our reputation on the superior quality of CHANCE® helical piles, piers, and anchors for Virginia Beach repairs due to their above-bar quality, dependability, and durability. A.B. Chance Company is the oldest and largest U.S. manufacturer of anchors and piers, and as one of their long-standing partners, we are able to leverage our solid relationship with them for the benefit of our customers. Through us, you gain access to the finest products available in the industry, and from that association, you have access to Walder experts for all the advice, support, and training you need to successfully satisfy your customers and set you apart from your competition. Whatever you need to get the job done, we’ve got it.

At Walder Foundation Products, our Virginia Beach-based foundation repair experts are dedicated to ensuring you thoroughly understand the products you purchase from us, and we are well-versed in their proper applications. Knowing what we know, you can be assured you and your team will have all the knowledge necessary to soar beyond the expectations of your customers. We know exactly how to help you because we’ve used the products we sell and stand behind them all.

A short list of our premier foundation products includes:

Chance® Soil Screw

a cost-effective solution to provide stability at shallower depths.

Chance® Helical Piles & Piers

deep foundation solutions for compression and tension applications, with minimal disturbance.

Chance® Helical Anchors

perfect for stopping the movement and settling of a foundation.

Chance® Lighting Foundations

a solid solution for commercial lighting, cell towers, tall freestanding commercial signs, etc.

Chance® Helical Tieback Anchors

a secure, high-load solution for the quick construction of temporary and permanent walls.

Chance® Helical Pull Down & Micro Piles

quick installation with friction and load-bearing capabilities.

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Walder Foundation Products—we’re more than just a supplier of helical piles, piers, and anchors in Virginia Beach; we’re your go-to partner in the world of foundation repair. Give us a call and let’s get our partnership underway.