Quality Insulation Products in Virginia Beach

The foundation of any home or business is surrounded by soil. And no matter where the structure is located, the concrete of the foundation can be impacted by the shifting of that soil, extreme hydrostatic pressure, and significant fluctuations in seasonal temperatures. Any one or a mix of these environmental factors can potentially damage the foundation of residences or commercial spaces, undermining the integrity and structural soundness of the entire building.

The soil surrounding the foundation soaks up water, rendering basement walls and crawl spaces susceptible to the effects of water and excessive humidity. Both conditions foster the ideal environment for pest infestations and fungal growth, hazards that can decay the wooden joists supporting the flooring.

Our professionals in Virginia Beach provide crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing products and advise on effective methods for safeguarding residential and commercial projects from water damage. When professionally installed, insulation will effectively bolster your efforts to mitigate mold and water damage and will lower energy consumption. Walder Foundation Products is a reliable supplier of trusted foundation repair and insulation products for contractors in the Virginia Beach area.

Opting for Walder Products

We offer an array of solutions to provide a waterproofing defense to the crawl space or basement of any residential or commercial structure. Each product in our inventory has undergone testing and is backed by a guarantee. As a contractor, you'll appreciate the simplicity of managing and resizing each product to fit your exact measurements.

  • Bora-Foam Board is tailored specifically for insulating crawl spaces and basements and stands as the premier termite-resistant insulation board in its class. Composed of expanded polystyrene foam board, Bora-Foam is non-corrosive, is safe to handle, is resistant to punctures, and features visible cut lines.
  • Insul-Barrier insulation consists of a multi-layered blanket of reflective aluminum, woven polyethylene, a polyethylene bubble, and high-density closed-cell foam. It serves as the ideal insulated vapor barrier for temperature and humidity protection in any crawl space.
  • The RMAX Foam Board delivers exceptional protection without notably altering the profile or thickness of the wall.
  • As a contractor, you undoubtedly know about Owens Corning® PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ insulation. You've likely used it on numerous occasions. It is R-19 rated and is constructed with cutting-edge fiber technology.

Reach Out to Walder Foundation Products

For the highest quality foundation and crawl space encapsulation and repair products in Virginia Beach, including insulation, Walder Foundation Products has been your trusted distributor since 1992. Collaborating with us means gaining more than a product supplier—you gain a partner. For all your crawl space and insulation requirements, reach out to our representatives or pop over to our online store and place your order today.