Supplier of the YCS System: Your Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Water in the crawl space of any residential or commercial building can promote mold growth, which will rot the wood of the floor joists, compromise the concrete foundation, and create a lingering musty odor. In wet and humid areas that are prone to mold growth at Virginia Beach properties, vapor barriers or encapsulation systems are almost always necessary to protect a crawl space from costly water damage.

Available at our Virginia Beach location, vapor barriers are heavy-duty plastic membranes that seal off a crawl space to prevent the intrusion of water. The experts at Walder Foundation Products recommend the Your Crawlspace™ (YCS) system. Unlike standard encapsulation systems, the YCS waterproofing solution does not require drilling holes to hang the membranes, and is guaranteed to be perfectly sealed because the system does not use mechanical fasteners. The YCS vapor barrier is a proprietary, patented, encapsulation system technology for properties in Virginia Beach, that does not require you to damage the crawl space to protect it from water intrusion.

Benefits & Features for Installers

Don’t use inferior products to solve crawl space water problems for your clients. When installed correctly, you are guaranteed to get the job done correctly the first time.

  • The custom design of the YCS Crawl Curtain and Wall Attachment Tape will fit any crawl space wall, and is guaranteed to create a permanent seal in the crawl space.
  • The YCS Magic Sealant/Adhesive is made from a proprietary formula designed to effectively stick to brick, concrete block, and stone foundation walls, as well as metal, with no need to drill holes into the foundation, affix mechanical fasteners, or use solvent-based adhesive.
  • The YCS system can be installed quickly and easily, usually in 50% less time, and with less labor.
  • Each of the necessary components of the system are low in VOC materials and are free of toxic chemicals that could harm the environment, your crew, or your clients.
  • The YCS barrier is backed by a 25-year Your Crawlspace warranty*—which guarantees your YCS vapor barrier is free of manufacturing defects (tears, holes, odors, and other flaws).

*Warranty is for closed, conditioned crawl space installations. Does not include damage from abuse, moisture from condensation, flooding, sudden water intrusion from a broken pipe or pest damage, or animals chewing through the liner.

YCS Vapor Barrier Types

  • 8 mm vapor barrier
  • 14 mm vapor barrier
  • 16 mm vapor barrier
  • 20 mm vapor barrier
  • 36 mm vapor barrier
  • 44 mm vapor barrier

Walder Foundation Products in Virginia Beach carries the highest quality vapor barrier products in the industry.

YCS vapor barriers are 100% woven vapor barriers that are backed by a 25-year warranty and a 100% no-smell guarantee. This is an economical product that is durable and high quality. Contact our team at Walder Foundation Products to learn more about the YCS vapor barrier. 

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