Walder Foundation Products

For the past 30 years, Walder Foundation Products has proven our worthiness as a top supporter of local contractors, engineers, and home repair companies by providing the finest foundation repair products and options available for the structural repair industry. You’ll find a handful of companies that sell helical piers in Virginia Beach, but we are the leading experts because of our premier helical piers and extensive training and support in the use of our products.

Our engineers in Virginia Beach prefer helical piers because they are faster and easier to install than most other solutions used for structural support and stability issues. The time you save with the installation decreases your costs and allows you to offer your customers substantial savings. Because they are similar to giant screws and can be “drilled” into the ground, the installation process doesn’t require extensive excavation, under-digging, or a lot of heavy equipment and machinery—something your customers will undoubtedly appreciate. As a bonus, you can install helical piers in Virginia Beach properties year-round and in all sorts of weather, with all the confidence that you still have a foundation repair solution with more than substantial load-bearing capacity. 

Helical piers provide a simple and cost-effective solution for nearly all structural problems and foundation repair in Virginia Beach, and particularly in situations of limited space. Our engineers at Walder Foundation Products design helical piers for a broad range of commercial and residential situations:

  • Permanent and temporary shoring projects
  • Restoration of failed foundations
  • Support for pipelines and pump equipment
  • Lighting foundations
  • Retaining wall support
  • Underpinning

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When you need high-quality helical piers for a foundation project in Virginia Beach, you won’t find anyone with our expertise and dedication to customer service. Contact our team today to discuss the advantages of partnering with Walder Foundation Products. We’re in the business to help you provide your customers with the finest foundation repair in Virginia Beach including, wall reinforcement, basement waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation services and products in the industry. We offer every type of solution to satisfy your residential and commercial needs.